Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wonderful booky goodness

Ooo. Oooo oooo. Ooooo!! Look at this. Look, but don't drool.

This is my new booky acquisition, purchased from Readings in Carlton over the weekend.

I love this book. You know why I love this book?

I love it because THIS is the book I wanted to buy after I finished my visit of the Golden Age of Couture exhibition in Bendigo earlier in the year.

This is the book that has all of the photos of the beautiful dresses and outfits and cocktail frocks and evening gowns and gorgeous accessories that I wasn't allowed to photograph inside the art gallery.

This is the book I presumed would enable me to pore over the outfits in detail, understanding their genesis and design, the philosophies behind them, the virtues and values of their creators.

When I exited the exhibition I expected (do you like my alliteration?) to find the traditional exhibition "book" that's usually produced in parallel with these kinds of travelling shows. I had even budgeted for one.

But no!

I looked around in astonishment at the complete lack of exhibition book. A complete lack. Com-pleeeeeete lack. My heart sank. I peeked under piles of handknitted jumpers and scarves. No book. I looked behind buckets of posters. No book. Maybe they'd sold out? Maybe they had more in a box out the back?

But no. It was very sad.

So all I purchased as my souvenir was this beautifully scented soap, named "Little Black Dress". I thought that was appropriate, given the circumstances.

Having found this book over the weekend puts the final piece of the puzzle into place. I KNEW there'd be a book of this exhibition, it just took me five months to find it, in an utterly disconnected place. Thank you V&A Museum!

And then I bought these two great porcelain mugs as well, I couldn't resist them. Two of my favourite novels, right there to drink coffee from.

It makes me smile when I see one in the morning, and there's nothing like starting the morning with a happy smile on your face.

I think I'm going to fill one up right now and go and read my lovely new book in intimate detail.

Check out this page if you'd like one of your own!


Whimsical Road said...

The mugs are great, I think I'm going to have to buy some too...

Cravings Frocks said...

V&A can always be relied on for excellent fashion history books. Hmm, I must check what they'll be showing while I'm in London in October.

Finki (jay) said...

I have seen those mugs, which one to get though!!!! excellent job on finding your book too. Now the exhibition excellence will stay with you longer.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Looks like they might have a run on the mugs :) GREAT post


TTFN~~Claudia ♥

Porch Days said...

That fashion book looks luscious. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of addicted to mugs, so I might have to get these too!

Jenny Kerr said...

Those mugs are so cool!

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

I really like the mugs too!

Daly Essentials said...

ha - I love the little black dress soap!! have so much fun with your book, it looks AMAZING!