Friday, June 26, 2009

What would Jung make of this?

As the song goes, Last Night I Had The Straaaa-ngest Dream.

I dreamt there was something sinister happening in Melbourne, and that all citizens had to pack up their necessities and evacuate, at once, under the order of the police. I dreamt the trains were packed to the brim (what's new?) and the roads were choked with cars.

I dreamt I decided to stay behind and try to evacuate after the rush, because I couldn't get through the crowds. I dream-packed my suitcase and realised I had to go outside to get my little childhood toy Clowny - imaginative name, I know - from the shed, and why was he in the shed, when he's so dear to me, and shouldn't I have him inside? I dreamt my suitcase was too heavy and I had to take out all the spare change to lighten the load.

I dream-worried that looters would come through all the empty houses in the street, and that we couldn't lock the house up. I dream-purchased five new collars for the cats, with leashes attached, so we could be sure we wouldn't lose them. I was dream-proud of myself for thinking of this.

I watched the dream-aeroplanes circling the streets, checking for people disobeying the orders. They flew low over the house and I peeked out of the dream curtains as they patrolled past, almost close enough to touch. I dreamt up armed riot police scouring the streets, checking houses and sheds, and forcing people to leave and leave now.

I dreamt the stimulus payments of $900 from Kevin Rudd were actually a payment in disguise, meant to be used for this purpose of leaving town, to keep the masses quiet and controlled. I dreamt there was a big conspiracy afoot.

I dreamt there was poisonous gas in the air. I dream-ran to the car outside, our old green Torana from years ago, and got inside and locked the doors and I was worried, and there was another woman with me, and a boy from my past. As we sat inside the car the dream took form properly, and we all began to see the industrial pod floating through the air like a feather on the wind, except it was massive and shaped like a bell and had clearly just finished its trip through space.

It began to hover above us and the boy reversed the car backwards, around the lemon tree, along the kerb and out of the way of the pod, which landed on the dream street with a dream trailer attached, and there was something that we knew was going to come out of it, but we didn't know what, and our dream hearts were in our dream throats.

I dreamt that everything became clear and THIS was the reason everyone was having to evacuate, and the streets were deserted now, and the houses were empty and I was frightened for the furry babies because I didn't know where they were, and they'd be frightened too, and knowing they'd be frightened and I wasn't there to comfort them made me very, very upset.

And then, all of a sudden and without warning, I woke up, sweating.


One Flew Over said...

You call this a dream?!?! Nightmare more like it!! Hope you have recovered!

Jeannette said...

What did you eat for dinner or supper last night it obviously was not very good for you, Have you got the jitters today.

Finki (jay) said...

Oh you poor thing.
dreams have a way of really shaking us up sometimes. And when you look up those interpretation books, they generally are the exact opposite of what you might expect.
So dreaming about the end of life as you know it, and alien invasion, probably means, the beginning of great things, and your best friend giving you a surprise visit?!

m.e (Cathie) said...

oh no! I agree with Jay, dreaming about the end may mean a new "something".
I like the Rudd payment in there though, maybe because it's nearly tax time?!

Tinniegirl said...

What a dream, and you write about it in such an evocative way, it sent shivers up my spine. You are a great storyteller. I hope you get a more restful nights sleep tonight. I'm sure the furry babies slept through all the dream-kerfuffle as they do.