Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Do you ever have those periods of time in your life that just flash past at a hundred miles an hour, and you're doing a hundred things all at once, and there's a million more on the list undone, and you're juggling it all and you don't even have time to breathe, let alone pause, and you're completely frantic and then all of a sudden things just STOP and you go .... oh my god, it's a week later?

You do? I am so relieved!

Because that's been ex-ACT-ly my life for the past week, and it's why I've been sorely neglecting my blog and you, of course, my lovely lovely readers - along with My One True Love, my animals, any thought at all of exercise, my personal down-time, my sewing and of course my cuticles. My poor, poor cuticles. It's just as well you can't see them.

There was a work-related leadership course offsite for three days, which was absolutely fascinating - all about who you are as a person and how you can use those qualities to be a better leader by being true to yourself and your values. Profound, and deeply affecting, and something I am still mulling over and reflecting on.

Hot on its heels came the Northcote Winter Artisans Market, which was practically deserted. Such a shame! Where WERE you all? I missed you! We all missed you! Please come this Saturday!

I only sold three of my marvellous Hoots, which I was very sad about. I did also sell my new Bring LOVE Into Your Home cushion. Does anyone know the song "Buy My Love" by Fairground Attraction? Whenever I sell a LOVE cushion I get that tune tinkling through my thoughts.

And I met the lovely Belinda, who admired my Perfect Pencilroll in Alexander Henry owl material, and who was wearing this fantastic three-panelled skirt. I want one! There must be a pattern out there that I can find to replicate it.

It was so stunning I stared at it across the aisle, and luckily she came over to finger my Pencilroll lovingly, and eventually after I complimented her skirt a number of times (and came round the front of my stall and got down on my knees and felt the fabric and turned the hem up and examined the seams and construction) I had the bright idea of taking a photo for reference and posterity. Sometimes my inability to think of the bleedingly obvious surprises even me.

But isn't the skirt marvellous? The photo doesn't do it true justice. Thank you Belinda for letting me completely encroach on your personal space!

And then it was back to work, and I've had the kind of days where you have seven hours of meetings in a row, and when do you actually find the time to do your real work when you have to spend seven hours meeting with people on different issues? Sheesh.

So I'm exhaustipated, and it's all I can do to type these words out. I think a cup of chamomile tea beckons ... and I think I can smell the scent of a blackberry and apple pie My One True Love has been warming up in the oven .... mmmm.... pie ......


CurlyPops said...

Sheesh! No wonder you're exhaustipated after all that work.
My poor little LOVE cushion is currently covered in cat hair. No matter how many times I shoo him off, he picks that one amongst the 10 other cushions to snuggle on.
I hope you get lots and lots of customers this Saturday and hopefully it won't be so cold!

Tam said...

I'd be there, but you are oh so far away! Good luck!

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Oh, Flicketty! That is pure madness in a post. Some tea is definitely in order, as is a nap from the sounds of it. :-)

Well done on making it through!! I hope next Saturday's market beats last Saturday's terror.

mrs smith said...

I find it's always the cuticles that are first to go!

My own true love just gave me pie and it was even the same flavour .. Hmm, it is a true compliment when I tell him that I love him more than pie,

Lovely hoots by the way. I am off to etsy to have a closer look.

Finki (jay) said...

what a busy bee, I can't manage with only 2 days of a real job, so I applaud anyone who can work full time, and still to make so many fantastic hoots for us to buy (:

m.e (Cathie) said...

wow..what a week! hopefully this saturday will be alot better for you..that melbourne weather last week did nothing for the crowds.
enjoy your tea & pie & probably a well deserved snuggle on the couch :)

mysterycreature said...

Argh, horrible. Hopefully things will calm down.

My week has been like that too. i'm organising a massive event, and it's the least favourite part of my job, and I spend most of my evenings tucked up with a stress headache. It's horrible, isn't it!

Cravings Frocks said...

I was all set to attend Winter Artisans opening day, then realised I was going to be out of town from Friday til Sunday. I plan on coming to the remaining three!

Tania said...

Ok - I now have everything straight - my life is a mere walk in the path in comparison! (hope you have industrial strength chamomile on offer).

Vanessa said...

Glad to see you are back! Have been missing the posts and the photos and wondering how hoots's have been going!!
Frantic busy as well, as due to finish work in 2 weeks (OMG!!) and not enough time to get everything done. Scary, as I don't think, apart from holidays, that I have ever stopped working since I finished school! So hang in there and get as much rest as you can (I find that helpful).
And keep blogging, cause I need something great to read while I am sitting at home waiting for the sprog to arrive!!
Take care F!!
Ness xx

Christy said...

My new Hoot is sooo happy in New Jersey! But Fiona loves the pincushion equally, I must admit! Thank you so much!

Better luck next week at the market - I can't believe people aren't snapping up the Hoot dolls left and right! I love them so!

Piccolamia said...

Well, I was certainly there! Sitting there in the cold waiting for the crowd to arrive, this is my first time at nothcote as a stallholder, I'm hoping next week will be even better. I was actually admiring you lovely things, love your choice of fabrics...would love to know where you get such beautiful fabrics and you have such a flare in putting them together too.