Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bloody painful annoying irritating day

...ugh, one of those days today that started out bad and got worse.

Awoke from a nightmare. Failed to go the gym before work. Felt bad about it.

Went to work. Twiddled my thumbs for hours waiting for other people to provide me with things I needed before I could do my part on them.

In exasperation, went to the mall at lunchtime and had junk food for lunch. Felt worse.

Back in the office, tried to get flights booked for an overnight trip to Dubai tomorrow. It was like talking to a brick wall. Resisted the urge to scream down the phone 'DON'T YOU GODDAMN INSHA'ALLAH ME ONE MORE GODDAMN TIME!!!!!!!!"

(Insha'allah means "maybe, perhaps, god willing'. It can also mean "I'm too lazy and I really don't feel like doing this thing you urgently need me to do". It's the Islamic equivalent of the Indian head-wobble.)

Spent what seemed like hours wheedling and cajoling and coaxing just to get the logistics sorted out. Left at 6pm because I couldn't stand it anymore.

Drove home. Traffic bad. Missed the turnoff and ended up in gridlock for 45 minutes. Fuming, consumed junk food again for dinner because I still have no pots or pans to cook with despite having requested them four days ago, while trying to get the tv to work (turned out the cleaner had bollixed something up when she was here earlier today). Resigned myself to no hot water for the fourth day in a row.

Later, accidentally discovered hot water works fine and I've just been using the tap the wrong way. Years of university education under my belt and I can't work the tap.

Sigh. Got confirmation of my flights but no confirmation of the car and driver. No confirmation on my third meeting for tomorrow either. Am going to another country with no promise of transport or purpose. Sigh again.
Only have the glowing red glare of the RAMEE SUITES-2 neon sign for company. Little sniff. Small sob.

I think it's bedtime. Tomorrow is another day.


Isabella Golightly said...

I think, myself, personally, that some footstamping, following by some pillow throwing is in order. I also think that you are allowed a slightly larger wallow in self-pity than the one you had, after all, you are in a foreign country, alone, with no-one and nothing but that glowing red neon sign for company. I'd be going nuts, I think. On the upside, a side trip to Dubai must be good, when the driver arrives, inshallah.

Jean said...

I completely agree with Isabella Golightly! You deserve a first rate cry and a cup of tea! I am very interested in your travels and love when you blog about topics other than crafting. I think you are brave and multidimensional to explore the world. Thanks for sending back scouting reports for those like myself, who have yet to travel quite as broadly. Carry on! Hope tomorrow is a better day:)

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh darling, sounds like one hell of a day!! Enjoy the shopping when you get to Dubai, retail therapy might ease the pain, especially the tap situation!! Love Posie

willywagtail said...

Sorry. I couldn't help but laugh. You put it all so beautifully.

Jennie said...

Sounds like you've hit the inevitable "why are foreign countries go goddamn DIFFICULT?!" patch that turns up two to three weeks after being somewhere different. I'm cockily going to say everything will feel better next week.