Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wake up Brisvegas, we're here to see the Valentino retrospective

The Sister Of My Heart is still asleep, arm thrown across the pillow as she enjoys a lie-in away from my two gorgeous godchildren. In a shameless violation of her privacy, I have taken a photo of her and here she is.

When she wakes up, we will go out in search of breakfast down at Southbank, and then we will take ourselves off to the Valentino Exhibition at the Museum . We will never mind the fact that is it RAINING here and that it's actually going to be hotter in MELBOURNE than two thousand miles further up the coast, and we will ignore the fact that the weather is clearly out to GET ME and we will just enjoy looking at the lovely dresses in the Valentino exhibition.

Yes, a Valentino exhibition in Brisvegas! Who knew? I certainly didn't, and it's only because the Sister Of My Heart read about it in Spectrum in the Sydney Morning Herald - so thank you Spectrum, and thank you Brisvegas for hosting an exhibit that I would ordinarily have expected to see in Sydney or Melbourne.

In the words of the Museum - because they have summed it up already so I will reproduce their efforts rather than reinventing the wheel - ''‘Valentino, Retrospective: Past/Present/Future’ is a major exhibition developed by the renowned institution, Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris. It explores the work of the celebrated Italian fashion house Valentino, known around the world for its sophisticated, timeless design and glamorous clientele. ""

Dresses! We're going to see dresses! Not just any old dresses, either, but proper haute couture dresses from the first collection designed in 1959 right through to the latest done in 2008. Dresses made when construction was an essential component of an outfit, when sewing was done by hand in many cases, and when a single dress could take a full team of people over three months to create. When dresses were for ladies, and made them look like it.

So, we must bathe and get out of our pajamas and brush our teeth so that we are worthy of such a show. I will report back later.

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