Friday, October 1, 2010

Loving the loveseat

 Finally! At last!

I've had this job on my list of things to do for bloody ages. Had I done it, after .... nine months? ten months? No, I had not.

Now, though, I am a lady of leisure and I really have no excuse not to finish those things that have been on my list for, like, forever.

One hard-rubbish day long ago, My One True Love and I were driving through Box Hill. And there, as we rounded the crest of a hill, to our complete astonishment, we saw that some crazy household had dumped their teak loveseat on the curb, ready for collection.

Did we collect it? You bet we did!!

It was practically perfect. The only reason we could see that someone might have chucked it were the teeth gouges all over one of the curved arms. Not human teeth - I don't think so at any rate, but mind you it was Box Hill, and living there might be enough to send anyone a little beserk sometimes - no, to me it looked like dog teeth. Which means this lovely teak loveseat was chucked out because the dog had chewed on it a bit.

Well, we fixed that quickly. A bit of sanding and you'd never know it had happened. And then this adorable seat sat wanly on our back verandah, wearing its crappy old dirty and torn seat covers ... until now.

I tore apart the old ones on the weekend, and used the pieces to draw up a rough (and I mean REALLY rough) pattern.

Then I cut out some of this material, which from memory is an outdoor fabric called "Regenerate" that I picked up here at Calico Corners.
Isn't it gorgeous? All botanical and leafy, but colourful at the same time.

Amazingly enough, when I sewed the pieces together - I even put in a zip in case I need to wash or change the cover at some indeterminate point in the future - they fitted. Total suprise bonus! I only had to use one tiny scrap from my crafternoon buddy The Nutty Professor, to fill up a spot where the edges didn't quite meet.

And if that weren't enough, then I made two bolsters in the leftover bits of fabric, and stuffed them with futon cotton to give them a nice firm shape.

So now I'm loving my loveseat. It looks beautiful, and I can just picture us out there in the warm summer afternoons, lolling about on the gorgeous cushions I snaffled from Babushka Baby, drinking a glass of white wine, admiring the flowers in the garden, sniffing the delightful scent of star jasmine wafting on the breeze, and thanking heaven I finally got off my arse to fix the poor thing up.


KAZZ said...

And that's why I like you!!

CurlyPops said...

Why on earth would someone throw that out - bonkers I tell you, just bonkers!
PS - Love the remodel!

rabbit and the duck said...

I am loving the love seat! That fabric is a perfect choice. And yes to wine, warm summer evenings and time spent among the flowers.

Mountaingirl said...

Wow, it's perfect! What an amazing improvement :-)


EmilyKate said...

Aw, show Box Hill some love ;o) seriously what a great find, and your material choice here is so perfect. lovely and fresh for springtime!

Isabella Golightly said...

Quick question - how did you get Calico Corners to ship to Australia? I couldn't see that they ship outside the USA, you clever thing!

Belinda said...

so happy to see the cushions on such a beautiful seat...looks amazing!!! x