Thursday, October 21, 2010

Call me an idiot. Go on. I deserve it.

Oh my god, I've done something really stupid. REALLY stupid. I blame it on the jet lag.

I've signed up for the Bahrain Marathon. I am a stupid, stupid person.

What's worse, is that even though I only have to run a small 3kilometre leg because this is an office-relay thing; I did not check any of the surrounding details.

Like, where is this marathon event to be held? Answer: not on any of the lovely flat, straight roads all over Manama, the capital city here. Oh no. This marathon is to be held in the desert. Up and down the dunes. In the sand. Sand in my sneakers.

And, when is this marathon event to be held? Answer: next week. Next Friday, to be precise. I have exactly 10 days to train.

Moreover, what time of day is this marathon event to be held? Answer: not at 6am, as you might expect for a marathon in a desert, when it is warm and around 26 degrees already. In Dubai, the Samsung 10km run I did as part of the Dubai Marathon event started at 6am, so that people had a chance of completing it.

No, this marathon starts at TEN AM AND GOES TIL THREE. The hottest part of the day! When it will be 35 degrees! And the sun will be out! You know how I feel about the sensation of sun on my skin. My god, people, that is exactly the part of day that it is recommended you stay OUT of, not go running in. I fully expect to crisp up and blow away like a dead leaf.

Apparently last year a guy died from heat exhaustion during this thing. He was 30. It was late November then. So in their infinite wisdom, the organisers have moved it up a month to October, when the temperature is even higher.

I'm afraid. I'm very afraid.


Heather said...

Yep, you are an idiot. Obviously the word marathon didn't set off any alarm bells. Oh well, you have signed up now so all I can say is I hope you get aclimatise soon and work out a way to enjoy it. Look forward to hearing about it in another post.

Isabella Golightly said...

That is a shame, because I'm really going to miss your blog. Can I have some of your fabric, when they distribute your effects?

Megan said...


good luck with that. certainly not my cup of tea in any temperature, climate or surroundings.

KAZZ said...

So I'm hoping this will end up as "All reward for no toil(e)"
...except for all those laps in the pool...have you arranged for a ghost writer to continue this fabulous blog just in case???

Anonymous said...

Headmistress here - emphasis on the 'stress'!

As you are a very important attendant for a very special event in April next year, I am concerned at your concern over this drastic potential 'bridesmaid' preparation strategy!

My question is - 'have you thought about an ice vest?' I am sure you could always whip one up on the ol 'nina?! (assuming it arrived safe and sound?) ...this may lead to avoiding the possible adverse affects of desert extremes!!!

(P.S. You go girl! I'm impressed)

Kerry said...

Maybe not an idiot...more like incredibly enthusiastic! And I'm impressed by people who have a go :)

willywagtail said...

Maybe you could just flop down conveniently somewhere on the shady side of a dune near a drinks station. (Do they have them there?) And I'm with Isabella too. Could I just have few slivers of your fabric cause I like your blog too and will need a reminder of it when you are gone. Cherrie