Saturday, April 11, 2009

The birth of the Bowling Pin Bunny

Ah, the fruits of today's labours. They look like they're enjoying hanging out together, too.

On the right is a new variation on the Hoot theme. This one's made from sublimely soft paisley flannelette, in this bright pink and yellow pattern. I think I got this fabric off eBay last year, and I made myself a pair of pajama pants out of it for winter. These are just the leftover scraps, and don't they work well as a Hoot?

The wings, ears and feet are made out of an old flannelette pillowcase I found on that great anniversary weekend to Mildura - my, that was a productive weekend!

On the left is a new creature, made freehand today out of a few scraps I've had for a while. The warm furry bottom half is really textural and lovely, like a soft chenille robe. It's a colour my mother has always called Elephant's Breath.

The top half is a gorgeous pale pink Warwick upholstery fabric - again, it's got a lovely texture. The ears are backed in the same fabric but lined at the front with a Liberty print in chocolate and pink.

I stuffed him with cotton wadding, so he's really firm and good to hold. He'd be a good toy for a really little kid, because there's nothing on him that could be a choking hazard - his eyes and mouth are embroidered - and he's just the right size to grab with one hand.

I freely admit he looks a bit like a bowling pin with ears, but I think he's pretty cute regardless! I'm going to call him the Bowling Pin Bunny.


Christy said...

I love them both! Are both/either going into your store?! If so, I'll use that image in my post next week!

Vanessa said...

Love the Bowling Pin Bunny!
Have a wonderful Easter.
I have been keeping up with the blog, even if I haven't been posting.
Enjoy the long weekend!
Ness x

apparentlyjessy said...

Hello, I found your blog whilst 'blog surfing' and really liked your little owl and rabbit, how lovely they are made out of flannelette, they must be so snugly! :)

Troischats said...

Hi Christy - yes, I'm going to pop both of them into my store in the next few days, and I might take a better photo of them than this one, which was snatched in the last dying light of the day!

Jessy, it's lovely to meet you - I'm so glad you've enjoyed your visit. Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you liked the new toys!

mysterycreature said...

So cute!!