Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I should have stayed in bed

It wasn't until I turned the corner, half a mile after leaving home this morning, that I realised I'd forgotten both my mobile phone and my blackberry.

Not just one of them, oh no, both of them. Both.

It was at this point that I should have turned back around, gone home, gotten under the quilt, and stayed there.

There was something in the air that did not bode well.

But I ignored that instinct, didn't I. Instead, I went back to collect the accoutrements of my trade, surprising the Amateur Actress as I walked in the door. They're essential though, there's no way I could have continued on without them. I had to go back.

And so then, with my electronic gadgetry in hand, I set off down the hill again, determined to continue my long (1.5 hours) morning walk to work. I only do this walk once or twice a week, and I already knew I was going to be frighteningly busy at work for the rest of the week - to wit, this is my first post since Saturday - so exercise in that kind of time-poor context becomes even more important.

And then, at ex-ACT-ly the same point, half a mile after leaving home, I realised that I'd also forgotten to put a bra in my backpack. I was wearing one, of course, a sports bra .... but no way could I spend the entire day in it at work, especially after a long and sweaty walk. Oh no.

I sighed - again. Turned around - again. Went home - again.

Podae was ecstatic to see me, his whole body quivered with delight as I came in the front door. I think he thought I was there to stay. And oh, if only that was true. But it wasn't.

I caught the train to Jolimont in the end, considering I'd lost all that time going up and down the bloody hill to pick up my forgotten things. And walking from Jolimont to the office took about 40 minutes, so that almost passes the test of being exercise. If I count the two trips up and down the hill, I can probably add another 10 or 15 minutes in there. Which is practically an hour. But certainly not the kind of exercise I'd originally planned!

So here I am at work (wearing my bra, and carrying around my phone and blackberry) and sure enough, it's been the kind of day that I knew, just knew from the start, would be better off spent in bed with a book.


Christy said...

Oh what a crappy way to start what sounds like is a crappy day. UGH. Hope you enjoy a nice big glass of wine after work!

CurlyPops said...

I'm impressed by your stamina and the fact that you would even contemplate walking an hour and a half to work!

Anonymous said...

Urgh, don't you hate days like that? Where every fibre of your being is shouting "go home, give up!". Days where it all goes wrong are terrible!

Jilly said...

Oh I'm with you there!!! Yesterday should have been pulled out of the calendar and skipped over completely!!