Thursday, April 2, 2009

My TIDY creative space

Okay, so Kootoyoo's My Creative Space meme has finally caused me to tidy up the horrible mess of a dining table which masquerades as my creative space. Thank you, Kootoyoo, I owe you one.

And look at this! Here is a lovely neat photo to show you as a result.

This is what's currently on my creative space. Amy Butler's (relatively) new In Stitches book, which is filled with lots of lovely projects. AND it includes pattern sheets in a little envelope at the front.

I bought this on the weekend ... I've been thinking it over for a while, and then of course I was possessed by an impulse and just bought it.

Of course, I'm never going to make some of the things in it ... like an incredibly complicated quilt, or a bed valance (I mean, really)... but there are others, like the cushions and the napkins and the placemats, that look really fun.

The book is lying on top of my new Cocoa Sugar Snap fabric by Melissa Averinos. Did I tell you she wrote me a comment on Monday night? I'm still quivering with shock and awe, but at least I've stopped hyperventilating.

I think I might use some of this lovely fabric to make one of my Perfect Picnic Rolls. It's just the loveliest, brightest fabric - the way the fuschia and tangerine colours pop is just beautiful. I think it would be the ideal picnic accessory.

And then over on the left of the photo is a small saucer of buttons. I got a button kit from Etsy recently and it's been great fun to use up my fabric scraps on lovely little buttons! Now I can coordinate the eyes of my various creatures with the fabric they're made out of.

Back to sewing tonight then! I have the Shirt and Skirt market coming up in late April, but before that I've got a cushion to finish, two Hoots to make, an Ellyfump, and a dinosaur as well....


edward and lilly said...

I like this book, I've only made the lounge pants so far. Great fabric!

beccasauras said...

Great fabric, I thought it was a vintage table cloth! That's a compliment, by the way. I agree, the colours are great together. Haven't got the book, but it's one I would buy, and maybe make one thing? Then look at it a lot haha

Kirsty said...

Hope your preparations for Shirt & Skirt go smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I used to have a badge maker that was pretty much the same hting - a button maker is a much more grown up version though! hehe

ButtonsByLouLou said...

A lovely neat space and some lovely things. Nice buttons!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

My dining room table is my creative space too - i have room in our spare room but its so lonely in there by myself!!

catsmum said...

Oh, you're good!
I tried not to tidy up for Kirsty's meme
so you can come and see my space 'au natural' :]