Monday, August 10, 2009

Feeding the Fathead (and trying not to!)

Ah, another Monday, another day spent swimming in the stinking, toothless yaw of paid employment .....

But really I shouldn't complain. (And yet I do - I do!!) I'm just glad to be home now, surrounded by the furry babies and my sewing projects.

It's very cold this evening, and the babies were all inside when I got home. Fathead greeted me like a shark, eddying around my ankles and looking up at me with giant saucer eyes, desperate to be fed as soon as possible. He just about tripped me up as I came in the front door and stuck close to my legs as I went into the bedroom.

Diet chompies dispensed (he ate a couple and miaowed in dissatisfaction), I changed out of my work outfit and headed down to the kitchen - Fatpuss hot on my heels - to feed Podae and Grimth, who are both still allowed to eat their normal food.

I doled out two big globs of kangaroo mince and they tucked in. Poor old Fatpuss sat there woefully, looking terribly sad and bewildered. Why me? he seemed to ask. What did I do wrong? How come they get the nice food and I get cardboard pellets? Don't you love me any more?

I swear, if that cat could talk I couldn't possibly demonstrate the resolve I do. I stayed strong, made sure the other two ate their dinner, fended off the Fathead when he tried to ram his head in and get some .... it was exhausting. Check out the expression on his face in the photo.

When they finished I collapsed in a crumpled heap and ate six chocolate chip cookies out of sheer stress and guilt. The diet might be working for Fatpuss but it's certainly not working for me - who is the *true* Fathead in this situation?!


I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

Your cats are so wonderful, Love the story.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful. I admire you for keeping this up - my bfs cat has kidney failure and is on kidney food - apparently tastes even worse! Has he managed to lose any weight?

Melinda said...

Oh dear, we have a fatcat and a skinny cat too. Skinny cat (around 10 months old) gets fed in the bathroom, and fatcat gets his food in the dining room.

Skinny cat gets meat scraps, canned food, dry food, as much as he can eat.

Fatcat gets 50gm of Obesity Diet Food from the vet.

And then she looks at me with that "It's not fair Mum" look. But.... she's finally losing some of the podge. Poor kittycat.