Saturday, August 15, 2009

A herd of Catticus, and two vintage suitcases

Another busy week at work, another four days goes past without a blog post .... I'm very sorry! I must do better, I know. And what happens when I don't post regularly? I end up with loads of news I need to cram into a tiny little space, and that's not satisfactory for anyone, certainly not me.

So today I'm going to edit. I'm going to show you the two lovely, beautiful amazing vintage suitcases I found recently - they're the perfect thing for my weekend markets.

I'm usually at a loss when it comes to making my market stall look nice ... I just pile things up higgledy-piggledy and hope it all kinda comes together. And I carry all my goodies around in horrible plastic tubs, which I hate, and every time I pick them up it sort of makes my skin crawl with the sheer utilitarian aspect of it.

BUT, a few days ago I was in Collingwood for work, and I stopped by a fantastic second-handery on the way home, and look at what I found! Two fan-TAS-tic vintage suitcases.

Exhibit A: the blue one is a lovely deep square, and inside it are a few pages of a newspaper from 1964 which depict "a guide to birds" .. and of course they mean the female kind of "bird", not an actual bird. It's so sexist and inappropriate, I love it. I'm keeping that a secret for now and will post a bit about it later in the week.

Exhibit B: the second suitcase - I absolutely adore this, since it's orange leather. And everyone knows that orange is my favouritest colour in the whole wide world. And how often do you find an orange suitcase, let's be honest? I'm completely rapt with this one already, and I've only owned it two days. It's become my new mascot.

I carried these home from Collingwood, and had the strangest sensation from the handle of the blue one .... it vibrated in my hand all the way home, almost like it was singing to me with happiness from having been found, and as if it was really happy to be coming home with me. It was a lovely feeling!

I think these are the perfect things to display (and carry to and from the market) my toys. Look at all the new Catticus in the blue one, don't they look great?? It really shows them off to their best advantage, and the most fabulous thing is that they all pack inside it perfectly. Ideal for market transport!!

All the new Catticus will be with me at the Shirt and Skirt Market tomorrow. The weather is meant to be a bit rubbish, so I'm not sure how many people will come down .... so if you're not doing anything, why not pop by?

It would be great to see you - and then I can show off the suitcases in person!


Jennie said...

Well purchased! I like the look of your stall. The slightly higgeldy-piggeldy set-up suits your colourful Hoots and Cattici.

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

the cases suit you perfectly. and how delightful they look in their new storage. It was meant to be that is for sure

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...


Michelle said...

How fantastic! I love them. Hope your market goes well tomorrow, in spite of the weather!

Dan Baker said...

Fantastic find! I must say that I like the orange one also!We had one very similar when we were kids, though it was brown rather than orange. I hope the market goes well today!

Kylie said...

What a great find. I'm sure they looked amazing on your stall too. Just the thing for sweet little softies to rest in...