Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Spring Fling

At the office, I'm part of a women's committe who put together events and other things to help bring people together across the organisation. Working as I do in a pretty traditional and very male-dominated arena (especially at the senior levels), I quite enjoy the opportunity to do something a little outside the normal envelope of my usual office-ly duties.

We've got an event coming up in a few weeks and it was my job to design the invitation, which we're sending out by email. And I've decided to do something a little different. Something a little unusual. Something a little creative. (shock horror! remember I work in financial services, creativity is not a commodity that's especially prized in the hard, sharp and bloodied world of money).

So here it is - my invitation to the Spring Fling. What do you think - would it make you want to come to the event, or would you think it a bit naff?

The dark and drabby winter days
are coming to an end

No one will mourn them, this we know -
--because we comprehend

That winter comes but once a year
and now its time is over

We want to dream of sunny days,
of spring and fields of clover

It's time to shed our wintry skins
those sluggish, pallid scales

And welcome in the warmth of spring
and all that it entails

And so Connecting Women say:
throw off your coats of wool!

Bring yourself to our Spring Fling,
make sure you're colourful!

The entry price for two full hours
of fun and drinks and snacks

Is wearing something colourful -
hint: that's anything but
And if it pains you far too much
to put your black aside

Then please, my friends, then just do this
and think: ACCESSORISE

We've got some smashing giveaways
to celebrate the fun

There'll be a yoga door prize
for some (very lucky) one

And so we hope to see you there
Thursday September three

We'll raise a glass and cheer for spring:
hooray, hurrah, yippee!

(image courtesy of Getty Images)


I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

Good for you!
Love the invitation, It works, i wish i worked with you, just for the invite!

Mountaingirl said...

YEAH! I'm there!
Oh... erm, well, since I neither work with you or even live in the same city that's impossible... I just got a bit carried away with such a great invite ;-)

CurlyPops said...

I think it's fabulouso!
I worked in manufacturing for years with lots of blokes, so I think it would have been lovely to have a Spring Fling with the girls.
The colour idea is perfect. I'd love to know how many ladies actually ditch the black work attire.

Christina Lowry said...

I was prepared for naff, just in case. But your poem is fantastic! As a big wearer of black I would be donning colour because of it and be looking forward to a great day! :)

Christina Lowry said...
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Tania said...

I reckon you have just about covered every base - given the inability of Melburnians to move past the black! Happy soiree-ing!

Jennie said...

That's cute in just the right way. It made me smile. If I was working in a big corporation doing boring stuff every day, having an event like that to discuss with my colleagues would brighten my day.

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

LOVE it! I hope every one comes, and that they come with their creative spirit alive and kicking :-) Good on you for pushing the boundaries towards FUN!