Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hat hat hatty

First wet.

Then windy. Lots and lots (and lots) of windy.

Then in rapid succession: sunny, then windy, then wet and windy, then sunny and windy, then wetty. Then wind. Gah! Lucky I was not wearing a hat.

This is the weather we had today in Melbourne, which was NOT great for our outdoor Shirt and Skirt Market. Luckily we were able to move inside out of the rain (and the wind and the wet and the wetty wind), however I think the weather probably kept a few people away, as it was quite quiet indoors. I didn't sell my first thing until well after twelve noon, and that's pretty unusual for me.

Still, the upside is that I have lots of stock ready for my next market at Rose St! Ah, what a blessing these rose-coloured spectacles of mine can be ....

And because it was quiet, I got to wander around and drink in my fill of other people's wonderful crafty, creative stuff. I think my favourite was meeting Oska, Imogen and Atticus from the fantastic Truffaux hats-of-style stall. Here's Oska, to the left.

Check out their website at , especially the whole photobooth thing (you'll understand when you get to there). It's wonderful and unique, and their hats are too.


Cat J B said...

Yup, I stayed in due to the weather, didn't even venture out to the local farmers market. You're on the other side of the city to me, I will have to make the trip over there to check out some of the markets you talk about, I haven't seen anything similar over here. Good old Melbourne weather!

Nikki said...

Yep - me too. We had planned to come down and see you, rendezvous with friends and have a grand day out altogether.... Windy rainy wind changed our plans for us. I'm sorry. I felt like a traitor all day.

Jeannette said...

Hi you must have sent the weather south to Wellington Nz because that is what we have today.Most miserable but not cold.

polly pratt said...

Just an update on the apron, it`s all cut out and ready to be sewn on Wednesday. Sorry it`s taken so long but the overlocker decided to pull a sickie.