Friday, August 21, 2009

Stalked on Etsy!

My bathroom bag has been featured on EtsyStalker!
Whoo hoo! Check out the link here if you'd like to see the original post. It's all about moving out of home for uni, and some of the things you can use to ease the transition... it's called "From the nest to the dorm".

I have never heard of EtsyStalker before, (has anyone out there ever heard of it?) but that has absolutely no bearing on the fact that I'm completely rapt to find this out.

I get such a blast when someone likes one of my things. It's part of the whole reason I started doing markets - because yes, on the face of it, markets take up heaps of time (especially on the precious weekends) and you often get rained on, and sometimes blown over, and every now and again you have a really rubbish day where you hardly sell anything .... but I tell you, the rush I get when I sell *anything* is completely worth it.

I love the look on a little person's face when they pick up a Hoot or a Catticus. I love it when people rush over to look at some of the amazing fabrics I use. I love it when a little girl tugs her mother over by the hand to see one of my Perfect Pencilrolls.

I love it because I made it, and in some way it's like that little bit of particular happiness would never have existed without me. And that makes me feel worthwhile (and on special days, super powerful and almighty. But only for a moment.).

Recently Thornberry did a post on the whole market vibe thing and asked people why they chose to sell at craft markets. I really enjoyed reading the range of responses - I highly recommend you check out the post - which varied from my little bit of happiness thing, through to it being a way to connect with the community, and also the very common "I sell craft so I can buy more craft supplies" - which is certainly true for me too.

I for one am really glad to see the resurgence in craft markets and the desire to buy local and support your artistic, crafty community. I'm glad for the chance to meet up with others like me. I'm glad I get to send a little bit of happiness out into the world, happiness that is unique and special and might never have existed if I hadn't slaved over a hot sewing machine to create it.

Nothing beats that buzz - crafters, together we are raising the happiness quotient in the world!!
Long may it last.

(and if blogger could please just sort out this weird spacing thing I'm experiencing, my day would be complete.)


I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

congratulations on being picked, I too adore your work so well deserved.
Any way that your work gets featured and shown i all ways is good. Keep on creating

Jennie said...

Good for you! Publicity is a wonderful thing. I'll take a look at the post you linked to as well.

Isabella Golightly said...

I'm thrilled for you, I absolutely 100% agree about why we do this - and it sure as sh*t isn't about the money!! I love that bag - I dissected one I'd had for years trying to come up with a pattern but couldn't get the sewing order - have you thought about selling the pattern? I'd be up for it, no worries!

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

Aw, congratulations! That's so exciting. I'm off to check out EtsyStalker now to see what other wonderful artists they have found. And you're right, you know- seeing your things does bring happiness to the day. Catticus warms my heart every time. You make such beautiful things!

mysterycreature said...

Congrats, it's a really cute yet really functional bag - so you deserved it!