Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spring has sprung

I gave myself an earlymark from work today, I did. Just shut down the computer, turned off the metaphorical light on my desk, and left. 430pm it was. Early mark, whoo hoo!

And yea, It Was Good, and the afternoon said unto me: Frolic About In The Spring Sunshine, and verrily You Will Be Revived. And lo, so she did and so she was.

Okay, enough with the faux-Biblical theme, but I tell you, skipping off early from work was like a revelation (see what I did there, with that clever pun? This is what the freedom from work does for you. Creative juices galore!! Even if they're a bit crap, there's lots of them, take my word for it.)

I didn't do anything super special, unless you count walking through the industrial wasteland to catch the train home and noticing the building with the golden stars didn't have its stars out yet. Which invited a certain poignancy in me given the lesson from yesterday.

I did however, get home IN THE DAYLIGHT - amazing - and I did also manage to catch sight of this magnificent almond tree in full spring blossom as I walked home. I felt like I'd stepped into the pages of Anne of Green Gables for a moment. Look at the way the walkway is carpeted in flower petals, like floral confetti. The tree looks like it's celebrating something - a wedding between two birds? The lengthening afternoons as we wend our way towards the long-awaited arrival of daylight saving?

So I took a photo of it, I did, so I could share it with you and you could see how lovely it was too. And maybe looking at it you feel the first stirrings of spring, like I did today when I left work IN THE DAYLIGHT and could actually feel the faintest breath of warmth left in the air, and maybe like me you'll get a big smile on your face and maybe your family will see how joyful you are and maybe they'll feel joyful too and all the squabbles and stresses and anxieties and irritations will be left to one side for a moment and everyone will just enjoy the beauty of the moment?

Spring, it's coming. And verrily, it is Good. Yea.


Isabella Golightly said...

Yep, it's lovely, isn't it? The first blowie of the spring zipped past me on Sunday (when it was 25C in Avalon) - love it!

thornberry said...

Thanks for the past few posts Felicity - I know I don't often comment but I ALWAYS read because your words are always so poignant and I really, really, like your blog.

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

LOVE it! You're becoming a regular ol' inspirational guru, you know that?? :-)

CurlyPops said...

It's just like taking time to smell the roses errrr blossoms.
You should finish work early more often!