Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Very Busy Weekend

I'm shagged. It's been a Very. Busy. Weekend. Look here at what I did.

First I made some lovely new heatpacks for the Skirt and Shirt Market next weekend in Abbotsford. I found the lovely black and white ticking a week ago and it is the PERFECT THING for my heatpack designs. You can't go wrong when you team one-third bright colourful print with two-thirds classic black and white stripes. You just can't.

Then I finished off two Appleblossom Hoots.

Then I made a pair of pants for myself - no photo because they still need to be hemmed. And also, because they are PANTS and therefore I would need to photograph the below-the-waist portion of me to show you them, and I am currently in despair about everything below-the-waist of me (oh, and ok, the waist itself too) and therefore there will be No Photos Of The New Pant. Not unless I miraculously wake up one day and find I'm half my current size. Then I will happily put on the new pant and photograph it hanging loosely off me.

I digress. I made four new doorstops, and completed two Perfect Pencilrolls.

Then I put the finishing touches to a lovely HOME cushion I've made to order, using wonderful Warwick upholstery fabric for the body, and Liberty print cottons for the letters.

And I also finished off some new Catticus toys, and listed a whole pile of clothes and shoes on eBay (refer to previous lunatic comment about below-the-waist aspect of self), and completed a couple of new products I will show you in coming days. I'm exhausted! I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

Oh, and we also went to see the new Aussie film Beautiful Kate, I highly recommend it.


I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

You really have had a wonderful productive weekend. Well done!

poet said...

I love the fabrics you use in your projects! I need to get my hands on something like them...


Jeannette said...

Wow you have been busy