Sunday, March 29, 2009

And on the seventh day, she rested ....

I had a very well-earned rest from sewing today.

After three markets on three weekends in a row, I'm whacked. I slept in this morning til well past 10 o'clock, and I cannot remember the last time I did that. Podae snuggled up in the crook of my arm, Fatpuss planted himself heavily on my knee (which went numb reasonably quickly under his great bulk), and there we rested until my bladder forced me up.

And when I finally arose, it was time to catch up on some of those chores I've ignored for the past few weeks.

This is what I've achieved on my so-called day of rest:
  1. the shopping is done
  2. the kitchen is tidy
  3. I have put away several hundred pieces of fabric that were previously crowded onto the dining table. This sounds easy, but took a great deal of time to sort by colour, texture, purpose and size
  4. the laundry is washed and folded
  5. I have stretched two pieces of fabric across the frames in the windows of our bedroom cabinets (using delectable embossed saffron silk that My One True Love and I bought in India last year for exactly this purpose, that's how long this job has waited!)
  6. read the weekend papers for the first time in a month
  7. watered the garden before it expires
  8. visited the Lee St Primary School Fete in Carlton, eaten a sausage in bread and purchased a small succulent
  9. seen a quilt in a shop window that wasn't half as nice as mine, yet was three times the price - that's given me some ideas, oh yes it has
  10. washed all the Australiana teatowels I collected in Mildura as well as the New Zealand ones My One True Love brought back for me this week
That's pretty good, isn't it! And now I can start to think about my next sewing project with a clear conscience.

I think it's time I made something for myself now, rather than something for a market. Perhaps a skirt. I have some beautiful Anna Maria Horner fabric that I can hear calling my name ....


CurlyPops said...

You're making me tired just thinking about all of that! I slept in and then went shopping on the side of the road today... it's hard rubbish time in suburbia.
I wish you could come and sort out my stash by colour, purpose, texture and size.

Mountaingirl said...

How very productive of you! I love the Perfect Picnic Roll on your Etsy page - what a fantastic idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh to be somewhere warm enough that you need to water the gerden. What a lovely idea!

That's the problem where I live at the moment (all year, really, but I'm being optimistic)- it is just simply too cold and wet!

Tinniegirl said...

Hey Felicity. Did you see that you were featured in the Living Creatively email about the show. I can email it to you if you don't get it. I was most impressed.

I can't believe that's what you get done on a day off. Do you have some secret time machine or something?

Taccolina said...

My goodness, I've just read this and now I want to go back to bed. Can you lend me a cat to warm my feet?

Troischats said...

Oh my goodness Tinniegirl, that is so exciting! I knew something had happened because I was just checking my blog stats and it was obvious lots of strangers were clicking a direct link and I thought, I wonder what''s happened?! I would love you to email me - Thanks!

Taccolina, there is nothing in the world better than a warm cat to cosy up to, especially when it's as voluminous as Fatpuss!