Friday, March 20, 2009

Ode to Friday

I love my Fridays, warm and sweet
I love them when I'm in the street
I love them when I'm snug at home
I love them when I'm out to roam

I burst with joy at Friday's dawn
Its rays of sun upon the lawn
Make me shout and sing with glee
Goodbye work-week, soon I'm free!

Just one more day strapped in my seat
And then there will be something neat
The stale and rancid office air
Will be left behind, and I don't care

Fridays make me happy, see
Coz at the end I will be free
To prance and sing and celebrate
So hurry Friday, don't be late!


Anonymous said...

Very Dr Seuss style rhyming - grat poem!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

I love fridays too, its been a very long week.

Troischats said...

I love to rhyme like Doctor Seuss,
With words like shoes, and goose and moose,
I like it coz it's lots of fun
To play with words, for everyone!

Jilly said...

You're hilarious. The inner child fountains forth for fabulous friday friskiness!