Monday, March 23, 2009

A beauty of a bathroom bag

Oh, who was I trying to kid. Of COURSE I ended up sewing yesterday. It was inevitable, wasn't it? Of COURSE it was.

After the fence festival of ugliness was only very slightly improved by a very slightly less ugly wire trellis with a poor limp passionfruit trailing weakly off it in an effort to disguise the Ugly - and that took the better part of too many hours to count - I could hardly stay away from the sewing machine, could I?

It's how I decompress, after all.

And so I made this. It's a cute little bathroom bag made from vinyl-covered Kokka babushka fabric in an apple-y lime green. I especially like the little mushrooms (look closely, she instructed, look closely).

I've got the same fabric in sugar-pink, so Im going to make a few in the same material.

This one here is a prototype; I was going to put it on the stall for the Thornbury market, but it's a little bit wonky around the base seam, so I gave it to the Amateur Actress instead. She doesn't mind my dodgy offcästs, in fact she said quite happily "It's good living here!"

I'll know the tricks of the pattern better for the next one (I hadn't tried this one before).

But my goodness, the market is coming up in five days time and I've hardly any stock left after two markets already in two weekends. What on earth am I doing here on the computer, blogging?

Must sew!


CurlyPops said...

I love that one! I'd be happy to catch your offcasts..he he he

Mountaingirl said...

Me too! It's gorgeous! You'll have no trouble at all selling these.

Anonymous said...

Ooh lovely, I have a friend who would love these! Are you going to put some on Etsy?

Tinniegirl said...

Oh yes, Saturday is fast arriving. Sew, sew, sew.

Troischats said...

Oh, thank you everyone for the lovely comments! I am encouraged to make more of these now (with better bottom seams). And Mystery Creature, yes, I thought these would be the perfect thing to go in my Etsy store. I've been listed for nearly a month and haven't sold a single thing! Maybe I'll break the drought with one of these ....