Monday, March 16, 2009

Fat Puss Slim

Well, the verdict is in. Cat Weightwatchers says something must be done about the Fatpuss. We've got to make the Fat Puss Slim.

Here is a photo of him expressing his feelings about the news.

We went back to the vet to check his paw again - only this time I had to take the Grimth for a vaccination booster as well.

Driving there, a trip that takes all of 15 minutes, they at least made the effort to harmonise their catastrophic (cat-astrophic! ha! ha!) yowling beautifully, it was like fingernails down a blackboard, except Right. Inside. My. Head. Strangely though, when Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata came onto the radio, they both quietened down considerably. I must remember that in future.

Once at the vet, they both squeezed themselves into the smallest spaces possible before the examinations. Here is Grimth in the smallest space possible.

A number of conclusions were reached following their examinations.

1. The Fathead's paw is improving, but we have to keep him inside for a week. This also means we have to keep Podae and Grimth mostly inside as well, because we can't have two pusses running around outside without the third, and we can't keep the catflap closed because then Podder and the Grimth would be stuck outside, and that would be both torturous to Fatticus as well as mean to the other two. And that means My One True Love and I have a real task on our hands to keep them inside together, not letting them squeeze out the front door as we leave for the day, not letting them open the bathroom window with their little paws, no, just sitting on the sofa looking longingly at the outdoors. Result: three deeply irritated pussins.

2. Grimth is adorably cute. See Exhibit A, above. Ignore the slightly resentful expression on his face. This is due to the FIV and FE vaccination jabs, which went fine. He weighs 5.6 kilos and shouldn't be allowed to gain any more weight.

3. (And this is the worst part). Fatpuss is overweight - okay, no surprise there. It's his name for a reason. He weighs 7.05 kilos. Which is less than his top-heavy record of nearly 8 kilos over a year ago, but not nearly good enough. Apparently he should be more at the 5.5 kilo range, which means more the weight that Grimth is. So he's been put a special diet and isn't allowed to eat any other food. Nothing, zip, zilch, nada. Not a single Fat Chompie treat is allowed to pass his lips. No chicken livers on a Saturday morning. No kangaroo mince. No tinned wet food. Nothing. Nothing but the new special high-fibre, low calorie food.

This might sound simple enough, but consider that there are three cats inside the house (all currently wandering around in bewilderment at not being allowed outside.) We can't leave chompies out during the day. And it means feeding them separately for the FOUR MONTHS it's going to take to get Fatpuss to lose 1.5 kilos, if he shifts the weight at the recommended retail amount of 70 grams a week. Cripes.

Podder is going to be disturbed. He's such a light eater that he takes two mouthfuls of wet food and pushes the plate away - Oh, I'm so full, I couldn't eat another bite. Then he spends the rest of the day grazing on dry chompies - he loves chompies, any kind, it doesn't matter which brand or flavour. If he could live solely on chompies he would. Fish chompies, chicken chompies, iron filing chompies, he'd eat them.

And Grimth, well, he just likes to hoover up whatever he can find. I swear if we could plug him in he'd be the most efficient vacuum cleaner ever. He's like those pool cleaners that just work their way methodically across the bottom, sucking everything up.

And Fatpuss lives for his Fat Chompie treats! We use them to reinforce his positive behaviour, and they're specially designed to help pusses keep their teeth clean. (The good news from the vet is that Fathead has excellent teeth.)

So this morning we tried to feed them separately, with the Fathead in the laundry. Podae took a bite of wet food and went away, Grimth steadily ate the rest of it up, Fatpuss had a mouthful of the new chompie and stopped, I walked away from the closed laundry door for a minute, and when I returned Podae had pushed it open and was busily eating all the Fathead's chompies while the Fathead moaned about the cat flap being closed.

Gah. I know it's for a good reason. We want the Fatpuss to live a long and healthy life, free from diabetes and arthritis and all the other weight-related afflictions that can strike a portly puss. And once he loses weight he'll have more energy and be more active, and probably happier as a result.

It's not going be easy, but we've really got to try and make the Fat Puss Slim.


Mountaingirl said...

HAHAHA - I love Grimths expression in the first photo - "I'm keeping right out of THIS argument!" He's so cute.

Good luck with the Fat One. Think about his lovely silky less-of-a-bulk slinking around the yard and not breaking so many of your tree branches out the front! Then maybe your resolve will harden when you feel like a meanie. (perhaps you should post a photo of the poor broken trees after Fatpuss has been on a climbing-spree. hehehe) Well done for getting him down from 8 kg! Of course you know of my struggle with my cat to put ON weight - she's currently eating (dont tell Fatpuss, he'll cry) 2 - 3 chicken necks, 2 chicken kidneys, 1 - 2 servings of wet fish food, and a handfull of biscuits every day. She's gaining slowly but steadily and becoming fussier by the minute!

mysterycreature said...

So.. will he have to be renamed Thinpuss? (sorry, couldn't resist)

My bf has a fat cat at home - a huge monster of a thing, who I swear is 2 foot long and probably is routinely mistaken for one of the wild beasts wandering the UK. He's lovely!

Good luck with the weightwatchers!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Aw, it will be hard, but worth it We had the same drama with our formerly-fat puss, and he's down to 5kg now. Hurrah! Stay strong.

P.S. Word verification is 'bitsh'. That's a bit rude. :P

Troischats said...

I am trying to take comfort from all your comforting comments! It's very difficult in these early stages. Andrea, I hope Fatpuss follow's Mink's example, I really do. And mystery creature, I would love to see a photo of your boyfriend's monstrous animal!

Tinniegirl said...

Oh yes, we've been there too. A 2kg weight loss was required. It was a slog but I will tell you the best thing. The fat boy is so much happier now. He is active and looks great and seems more at peace. It was well worth it.

Now, I just need someone to do the same for me!!!