Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Easter egg-spectations

Hello. My name is Toof.

I am a Humpty Dumpty gone slightly wrong.

My creator wanted to make a Humpty for Easter, seeing as how he is an egg and everything. She thought it would be a neat idea for her upcoming markets at Northcote (this Saturday 21 March) and then Thornbury (next Saturday 28 March).

But something went awry in the crafting of me. I turned out more like a tooth than an egg, I think. I'm a bit of a square. Next time she needs to make my head curve in a bit more.

Perhaps a little person will like me anyway. I'm made out of cuddly herringbone wool, and I'm stuffed very sturdily. I'm very good to hold onto.

And I have a nice pocket in purple polka dots at the front of me. That's for putting a chocolate egg into. If you give me one of your Easter eggs I promise to keep it nice and safe for you.

Or if you wanted, you could put your lost tooth in there and then the Tooth Fairy would know where to collect it from. That's a good idea, isn't it?

So maybe a little person will like me anyway, even though I'm only a tooth and not a real Humpty.

And here is my friend the rabbit. He's also for Easter. That makes him an Easter bunny!

He is reading the Australian Financial Review - he must be very clever. One side of him is made from lovely Jennifer Paganelli fabric in ice-blue and chocolate. And the other side is Moda Birds, I think.

And his big floppy ears are wonderful! I wish I had ears. But a tooth with ears would look funny. Mind you, I've got arms and legs though. So maybe ears wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

I like everything about this rabbit except his eyes. I'm not sure about his eyes. Mine are big and wide and friendly. But I think his black and white eyes make him look a bit scared. Like a rabbit in the headlights. Oh look, I made a joke!

Okay, I agree it was weak. But you have to remember that wit is not my strong point. I'm just a little toof after all.


Miss Gina Designs said...

These are adorable!!

a cat of impossible colour said...

But a bygone ear would be awesome!

Toof is so cute.

Troischats said...

Thanks Miss Gina and Andrea, I'm so glad you like Toof! I was worried he looked a bit strange. I'll take comfort from these comments (I think he should definitely be a tooth fairy pillow .....)

Olivia said...

Toof, Where in Northcote and what time will you and your creator be this Saturday? Olivia

Troischats said...

Hello Olivia! Toof and I will be outside the Northcote Uniting Church on High St from 1030-4pm. The church is in the block between the Town Hall and Separation St. Hopefully see you there!