Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is a love letter

Dear Stitches and Craft Show,

We hadn't met before today. Not officially, that is.

Oh, I'd eyed you up and down from afar, that's for sure. I'd drunk in your smooth and glossy brochure, running my fingertips over its cool skin and shivering with the thought of what was inside. Once I even sidled up close to you and breathed in your inky scent, though you never noticed me of course.

You were a beacon of light captured inside four high walls. A shining star hovering at the horizon of my mind. And I've heard your siren song, oh yes I have. I've been a clandestine admirer, longing to make your acquaintance.

Today I took a deep breath, screwed up my courage, and took my chance on you.

It was your deep, wide aisles that finally seduced me, you see. Your rich lusciousness, set in the jewel of my heart. The promise of your tantalising wares made me catch my breath with anticipation, and I bit my lip as I approached, nearly wincing with the deliciousness of it all.

Stitches and Craft Show
, you did not disappoint me. Today the rest of the world disappeared before us. You were mine, and mine alone, and I adored you.

I revelled in your colours, your textures, your kits and buttons. I wanted to gather your madeira threads into piles and roll in them, and bathe in pools of your ribbons. Your miles of trim cried out to be strung from the ceiling like lacy, glittering chandeliers.

I spun from stall to stall, nearly blinded and aching with desire for your fabrics. My chest tightened with every step, every stall, and I held myself back until the last moment, until finally, your beauteous craft labs wrapped themselves around me, and I rocked myself in delirium at their bosom.

You're no cheap hussy, Stitches and Craft Show. Your exhibitors scale the heights of talent and accomplishment. I met your bloggers and smiled in their welcoming embrace. Your fat quarters, your quilt kits, your multitudinous handbag handles, your softies to end all softies. Your warm and wonderful bundles of yarn, your cashmere hanks and delicate beaded embroidery - I loved them all.

Oh Stitches and Craft Show, be mine for ever!

You see, you've ruined me now, Stitches and Craft Show. I cannot compare you to any other. Here at the pinnacle, all other craft shows will pale beside your brilliance. They should hang their heads in shame.

But you, stitchiest of stitchy Stitches and Craft Shows, stand tall and hold your head high. Alone in your superior excellence, you have eclipsed them.

And I have gone gladly into your light.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Oh you have been seduced - very funny! But I have to admit the trim was pretty fancy and those aisles awfully wide. Hope you brought home lots of loot. :)

Troischats said...

Oh my goodness, the loot - yes! I was going to post a picture but then my camera gave up the ghost ... next few days if I can get it fixed.

Penny said...

Hehehe I went to Stitches & Craft on Weds and bought SO MUCH stuff, mostly hand printed fabric. Had a great time!

Vanessa said...

you are a Stitches and Craft Show Hussy now!!!
I go the same over scrapbooking shows......
I had to re-read your post today, because the richness of the imagery and descriptions just blew me away!!!

Louise said...

So great to meet you! Glad you delurked and I absolutely LOVE this post! Now I'm off to rest my weary bones ready for another day at the show!

Cathy said...

Hi there, so lovely you stopped by - you are such a clever writer - I love how you described the show!!!!!
So glad you delurked and so glad your hooked!

Troischats said...

Hi Penny - I saw your prints - and loved them - and can't believe that Aunty Cookie has left a comment on my little ole blog! That's very exciting. I think the eye chart was my especial favourite.

Cathy and Louise, it was fabulous to meet you two in the flesh and I'm so pleased you enjoyed this post, and you too Ness... necessity is the mother of invention, I had planned something quite different, with lots of photos, but then my camera expired and I had to think of something that would describe the show without visual images . Really glad it has seemed to work!

Troischats said...

Whoa, okay, 630am is clearly too early to be on the computer - Penny, I clicked the wrong link and went to Aunty Cookie instead of Pocket Carnival - very sorry about that. But now I've seen your site and it's lovely - your drawings are adorable! I'm sure I saw some of your products at the Show, too, or perhaps it's been at some independent stores around Melbourne?

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Ooh, this craft show sounds great!! I want to go :)

Nikki said...

Great post - and thanks for stopping by my blog (and stand at the show).
So glad you had a fab time!

Trish Goodfield said...

What a great post, can't wait for the Brisbane Show.