Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Melissa Averinos wrote me a comment!

Well, that just about takes the cake. My cup runneth over. I am replete.

If all of the fabulousness from yesterday wasn't enough, this morning when I checked my comments section to last night's post, I found a comment from Melissa Averinos herself.

That would be the Melissa Averinos who is the DESIGNER of the Sugar Snap fabric that arrived for me in the mail yesterday (I ordered it in both Cocoa and Plum). The actual designer, the very same one. The woman who designed it. She wrote me a comment. She read my post, and she wrote me a comment.

I think I caught my jaw before it hit the floor, but only just!

I have never thought of the designer as a real person before. Oh, of course I know she's a real person, she lives and breathes after all! But I always pictured it as a rarified kind of air, you know what I mean?

I have always thought of fabric designers as the kind of people who move in different circles waaaaay above my eeny little crafty circumference. They mix with important people. I never imagined them to read tiny little blogs in Melbourne - let alone leave comments on them!

It's like getting a personal phone call from .... I don't know, the Pope or something.

Thank you Melissa Averinos, I am completely bowled over!

I think I need to go and sit in a corner somewhere and breathe deep breaths while I adjust. I'm starting to hyperventilate.


Anonymous said...

I can fully understand your hyperventilating! Heather Bailey once left a comment on my blog (I'd made a bag from one of Nikki's patterns in a Freshcut fabric) and I hyperventilated for days. So did Nikki, actually!

Christy said...

Oh my god I'm so excited for you. How fabulous!

Troischats said...

I know, it's so amazing, isn't it! I still can't quite believe it.