Monday, March 30, 2009

There's something in the air ....

There's something in the air tonight.

I don't know what it is, but it's magical.

First of all, I received an email from an Etsy member in the USA, the Bead Aerie. She saw my Perfect Picnic Roll and has featured it in a Treasury list, and wanted to let me know. Hooray! What an honour!

Then, I discovered a picture of my A Beauty Of A Bathroom Bag on a Norwegian blog. I can't speak Norwegian, but from the gist of the words I gather she was doing a post on babushkas and featuring some of her favourite products with babushkas on them.

So I went to her blog and commented in English to say thanks. I hope she can read me.

Amazing! And I only listed it on Saturday, along with the picnic roll - they've been up around 48 hours. This has never happened to me before.

Then the mailman delivered this striking fabric called Sugar Snap - it's by Melissa Averinos for Free Spirit. And shortly afterwards, so too arrived my first ever real business cards! How exciting!

They're in my flickettysplits name, which is a nickname given to me by my friend the Doctor - she made it up, and then My One True Love suggested I use it as my brandname. I thought it was a good idea too.

Once I got home from work I checked my blog stats and lo and behold, they'd skyrocketed around 530pm. And everyone seemed to be clicking on the link to This Is A Love Letter, which I wrote about the Stitches and Craft Show. Just the link itself, with no referring website, which made me think, how are people finding this? And it was people from everywhere - Tasmanica, and the ACT, and New South Wales, and Perth - people who ordinarily wouldn't know about my blog.

Lo and behold, there came an email from Tinniegirl, who let me know that Living Creatively - the people who organise the Stitches and Craft Show - had featured my post in their latest newsletter! Oh my goodness! It's like being recognised by your favourite celebrity! I'm so very very proud!

I don't have a copy yet but I can't WAIT to see the reference!


CurlyPops said...

I emailed the newsletter through to your troischats address so I hope you got it!

Mountaingirl said...

I knew your perfect picnic roll would be a hit! I love the business cards too. Congrats - I cant wait to see the write-up you got. :-)

Troischats said...

Thanks Curlypops, I am going to check my email right now - thank you SO much!

Yay Mountaingirl, I thought you'd like these picnic rolls; and I'm so proud of my business cards, I'm going to give you some when I'm up in April!

Tinniegirl said...

I sent it to your business address that you gave me. Check your junk mail if you haven't seen it yet. I sent it hours ago.

clare said...

Congratulations on all your great news .
clares craftroom

melissa@yummygoods said...

well, congratulations on all that great stuff! please make sure to let me know what you make with my Sugar SNap by adding it to the Melissa Averinos Fabrics flickr pool! Seeing what people do with it is the best thing about designing fabric!

Troischats said...

Thanks Curlypops and Tinniegirl, I got both your emails - how exciting!

And Melissa, I am absolutely astonished to have a comment from the actual designer of the fabric I received in the post - thank you SO much! I will definitely post a photo to the flickr pool.

Christy said...

Oh wow - what a fantastic day. Aren't you glad you have a blog so you document all this festivity? You should consider making your blog into a book - I'm doing that this summer. I plan on doing it once a year, around the anniversary of when I started my blog. So glad I happened upon yours!

Troischats said...

It's true, Christy, I am SO glad I have a blog now - it's only three months old but I love it completely! Thanks for visiting me, I treasure every single reader!

Nikki said...

Oh dear... I think you've just led me down the path to financial ruin.... or at least an increased fabric stash... or both? One begets the other, methinks.

I've bookmarked Hip Fabrics.... oh dear.